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Tesla remains unstoppable and surpasses $ 700 for the first time since its split


Tesla wants to close the best year in its history in style. Those of Elon musk rise and surpass for the first time since their split the barrier of $ 700 per share. Before said split, the manufacturer's titles touched $ 700 on February 3, just weeks before the start of the pandemic.

In the annual balance, Tesla It has risen more than 700% being one of the great protagonists of the parquet with its particular history of redemption.

Few believed in Musk until this 2020, which for many has been a great slab, but not for Tesla, which has managed to sign its best figures and show that, for the moment, it can be a profitable business. The big question is whether he can maintain his streak in 2021.

Tesla polarizes the opinion of experts and investors like few titles. While some entities like JP Morgan believe that it is overrated "guided by practically any metric", other analysts such as Edward moya, of OANDA, they believe there are reasons to remain optimistic.


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