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Siemens Gamesa and two other securities that have pierced resistance in the last session of the year


The key resistance of the Spanish selective is at 8,322 points

Technical analysis

New sign of strength in Siemens Gamesa that manages to overcome the resistance of 33.10 euros. The company moves uphill with a clear path so that we can end up seeing an extension of profits to the 35 euro level.

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Iberdrola it offers an unbeatable technical aspect after managing to exceed all-time highs. The company moves without any resistance on its way with everything ready so that we can end up seeing an extension of the profits up to the level of 13 euros.

Solaria it has overcome the resistance of 23.28 euros and is facing all-time highs. Be aware that if it manages to overcome these levels we could end up seeing an extension of its main upward trend to the level of 25 euros.


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