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Health leaves it in the hands of the Autonomous Communities to carry out antigen tests in pharmacies


The Ministry of Health has cleared up another of the great unknowns that remained to be resolved. Those of Salvador Illa They have given the CCAA a free bar to allow their pharmacies to test for antigens or not.

Health thus responds to the request of the Community of Madrid, but remember that it will only be allowed to carry out these tests in cases of selective screening, and never at the request of the citizens themselves.

This is stipulated in the letter sent this Thursday by Illa to the Madrid Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, to which the Efe agency has had access. In this letter, Illa clarifies that the sensitivity of this type of test "is only expected" if its instructions for use are followed.

On November 18, the own EU The ban was open so that these antigen tests could be carried out in pharmacies. Pharmaceuticals had already claimed this measure before. In this sense, Ignacio Aguado, Vice President of the Community of Madrid, previously stated that all Madrilenians will be able to take a free antigen test in pharmacies


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