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Decalogue of the investment fund advisor for 2021



What is most valued in a mutual fund advisor and what is the best way to act in a market like today? These are the 10 points that every advisor must take into account for 2021:

1. Independent

Show that you are not marrying anyone.

2. Simple

Do not get complicated with financial instruments outside of those accessible to everyone.

3. Smart

Thinking that the client is as smart as oneself.

4. Strategic

Do not stay in the short term, seek the future benefit of the client.

5. Diversified

Do not fall in love with a provider, all are worth after a good analysis.

6. Disciplined

Set deadlines and objectives but above all meet them.

7. Not Biased

Do not get carried away by your past, the future gives you more possibilities.

8. Low Cost

The Good Fund is usually the Cheap Fund.

9. Low Taxes

The transfer of funds is a bargain, do not pay the Treasury.

10. Staff

Each client is unique and in Funds it is not worth copying and pasting.



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