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Wall Street closes with slight increases and continues to hover around the maximum areas


Wall street It closed with an average rise of 0.2% in the penultimate session of the year and in the area of ​​the all-time highs recorded at the beginning of the week.

The rise on Wall Street comes after it was known that The United Kingdom has approved the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. In fact, the pharmaceutical company is listed in the American market in green, and registers a rebound that exceeds 1%. This news instills new spirits among investors, concerned about the appearance of a new strain of Covid-19, more contagious, in the United Kingdom that has also been detected in the United States.

However, the market is very aware of what may happen to the new fiscal stimulus recently passed, especially with regard to direct payments to Americans. And it is that the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has blocked the increase in subsidies by Covid-19 to $ 2,000 approved by the House of Representatives. Currently the checks that Americans receive are for $ 600, and according to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, they are already on the way.

With only two days until the end of 2020, the feelings on Wall Street are good. And it is that the indices are on the way to end the year at their highest level. He Dow Jones accumulates an increase of 6.3%, while the S&P 500 it has gained 15.36% so far this year. However, the clear winner to date remains the Nasdaq, which accumulates a 43% revaluation.

However, the optimism of Wall Street investors is not repeated on the other side of the Atlantic. The main European indices are trading mostly negative, despite the good news about the coronavirus vaccine and the fact that the Brexit agreement has been fully ratified.

In other markets, Brent-quality oil is trading with a slight rise of 0.1% to 51.14 dollars per barrel, while West Texas, a benchmark in the United States, is down 0.1% to reach the $ 47.88. Gold, meanwhile, gains 0.3% and is exchanged at $ 1,889.30 per ounce. The 10-year US Treasury bond stands at 0.94%.


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