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Technical analysis office: Santander, Telefónica, Cellnex, Aena, Aryzta, Pfizer, Moderna and NIO


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Aryzta, Cellnex, Pfizer, Moderna, Aena, NIO, Telefónica and Santander.

Technical analysis

Good morning, Mr. José María. I would greatly appreciate it if you could analyze Aryzta. Since the April lows, it is in a rather erratic uptrend. Thank you so much for your always interesting analysis. Regards. D.V.

Dear reader, good morning. What do you want me to tell you, but Aryzta it is a value that there is no where to take it. Yes, since April it is bouncing, but nothing more. It is one of the many rebound that sometimes occurs, but always within an impeccable bottom or primary downtrend. The only thing to mention in short-term terms is that it has support at CHF 0.4320 and resistance at CHF 0.8750. But nothing else, there is no return figure and the bottom trend is very very bearish. Which is not incompatible with the fact that, on occasions, it can bounce strongly (reaction phases). Thank you very much, greetings.

Aryzta weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Thank you very much for your technical analysis section, the truth is that they are very useful to me since they are quite successful. I would like you to comment on the technical aspect of Cellnex and Pfizer, which seem to be suffering. A cordial greeting. A.C.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Cellnex it is a value that remains clearly bullish in long-term terms. Another thing is that in recent months we have him moving a lateral movement. Let's say that, a priori, you are correcting the previous excesses consuming time instead of correcting in depth. It presents important levels of support around the corner, the line that joins the rising lows of March 2019 and March of this year, which goes through approximately 47 euros. In addition to the base of the lateral of the last months, the area of ​​48-48.50 euros. From which it follows that to the extent that the support range of 47-48.50 euros holds, we understand that nothing has happened here and therefore everything fits within what is a lateral movement that serves to proportionally adjust the strong previous rises.

Cellnex weekly chart

As to Pfizer, is correcting strongly in recent weeks. In the absence of knowing the closing of the weekly candle, there is an important support zone (previously resistance) at the level of approximately $ 37. Dilations apart from prices, this level acted as resistance in May and during the months of this summer and now, in theory, it should act as support (throw back?). If not, the next support area is at approx. 35 dollars. As the most important resistance zone, we have the highs this month, which are annual highs at $ 43.08. Thanks to you, greetings.

Pfizer daily chart

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you very much for your analysis of values, which I find to be easy to understand. The question is about two securities that I have in my portfolio and for which I earn 30% and 15% respectively: Moderna and Aena. Do you see a journey in 2021? Thank you so much for everything. A cordial greeting. L.PM.

Dear reader, good afternoon. In recent weeks, all Biotech related to the vaccine (Moderna, BioNTech, Pfizer) are falling sharply. In the end it seems that the usual thing is happening almost always, that of “buying with the rumor and selling with the news”. Having said that, Modern It is still clearly bullish and has very important support in the area of ​​$ 95, the previous all-time highs (July highs). It would not be surprising if the price continues to correct towards this support zone in a typical 'retest' (throw back) to previous resistance levels. Or in other words, there we could try again upwards in the title for those who want to enter the company at the present time.

Moderna weekly chart

As to AenaIt is one of the values ​​that has been doing the best in recent months. In fact, it is only trading at 25% of the historical highs (180) with everything that has fallen in this sector. What we have in front of us is a symmetrical triangle that has practically been fulfilled to the penny and after a corrective phase / proportional adjustment of the same it seems to want to restructure itself upwards with an eye on the resistance of 150 euros. Above, even a return to the historical highs could not be ruled out. In short, Aena is a clear hold in the portfolio at the present time. Thanks to you, greetings.

Aena daily chart

Good morning, I would appreciate if you could analyze NIO after the very strong increases of 2020. What is your recommendation on the value? A greeting. A.P.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The titles of NIO they are up 1000% on the year despite recent declines. There is nothing to object to the underlying upward trend of all electric car manufacturers, with Tesla and the case at the fore. But in the same way, every investor in these companies should know that they can correct strongly at some point without leaving bullishness for it in terms of the medium and long term. Those who come positioned far behind can sleep peacefully, the danger is for those who have entered recently. Well, they should know that whoever enters now must be willing to put a more than generous 'stop loss'. Let's say that the first important support in this title is not far behind: the lows of the beginning of this month at $ 38.40. The truth is that the perforation of this support may be the beginning of a correction greater than the one that this title has used us lately. A greeting.

NIO daily chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I bought Santander and Telefónica shares from when the news of the Pfizer vaccine came out. And the truth is that I cannot complain about the juicy earnings that I have right now in Santander, but Telefónica does not finish starting like the others. What do the graphs of the two values ​​tell you? Do you think it is better to sell Telefónica and buy something else? I'm going long-term, I'm in no rush to sell. Thanks and greetings from Granada. R.HV.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Santander keep trying to close the weekly bearish gap in March at 2.9175 euros. A gap that has been filled in several times in recent times, but has not been closed or what is the same canceled. This level also corresponds to the homologous resistance of the 8,375 points of the Ibex 35. While it is true that closing this gap would be an important sign of strength, the Cantabrian entity would encounter another resistance, of greater significance, at approximately 3.30 euros: the bearish guideline that joins the successive decreasing highs since the beginning of 2018. As of today BBVA is, in short-term terms, much stronger than the securities of the Cantabrian entity.

Banco Santander weekly chart

As to TelephoneSuffice it to say that it is still trading at more than 40% of the weekly bearish gap in March to which we have referred before and that it has attacked (without success) both the Ibex and Santander. Not to mention how far the bottom guideline of the title is, at 70% at 5.60 euros. It is still one of the weakest values ​​of the Ibex and proof of this is that it is the third value of the Ibex that falls the most in the year, behind Sabadell and IAG. Much has to rain and recover this title to confirm some kind of return figure. Thanks to you, greetings.

Telefónica weekly chart

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