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Iberdrola, once again in absolute free rise


In the absence of a session and a half to close 2020, Iberdrola is the fifth value of the Ibex that rises the most in the accumulated of the year, with a rise in its shares of 33%.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

It must be recognized that the titles of Iberdrola he's behaving, technically speaking, flawlessly. And I am referring to the fact of how the price has been supported with maximum precision in what was the high part of the side of the last months, before resistance and now support. The price has rested in the support zone of 11-11.10 euros and from there it is clearly restructuring upwards. Marking in between new all-time highs. Which means that it is a value, for the umpteenth time, in absolute free rise and we already know that there is no greater sign of strength than this. Few stocks in our market are as bullish as electricity in all terms.

Iberdrola daily chart


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