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Boris Johnson on Brexit: "We will be the best friend and ally the EU could have"


The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, has defended this Wednesday before Parliament the agreement on Brexit reached with Brussels, which in his eyes "shows that the United Kingdom can be at the same time (a country) european and sovereign"" We will be the best friend and ally the European Union (EU) could have, "he told parliamentarians.

"The central purpose of this law is achieve something the British had always felt was possible, although they had been told it was impossible, "argues Johnson in his speech." This legislation embodies our vision, shared with other European neighbors, of a new relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union as equal sovereigns, united by friendship. , commerce, history, interests and values, while respecting the freedom of action of the other ", he emphasizes.

The agreement reached on the 24th, after nine months of intense negotiations, ensures that the United Kingdom can "trade and cooperate" with the 27 members of the EU "in the closest terms of friendship and goodwill", while retaining "sovereign control" of its laws and its "national destiny", Johnson will emphasize before the deputies.

Both the leadership of the Labor Party, the first of the opposition, and the most eurosceptic wing of the conservatives have expressed their support for the text, which anticipates a loose approval in the House of Commons. The head of government will highlight the "surprising speed" with which the pact has been sealed, compared to the five years it took the EU to finalize a trade agreement with Canada and the six that the European negotiation with Japan lasted.

"We have done this in less than a year, while we were immersed in a pandemic. We have pushed to continue forward, resisting calls to delay it, precisely because creating certainty about our future is the best way to beat Covid"adds the Prime Minister's speech.

"Now we are going to start a new chapter in our national history, signing trade agreements throughout the world, which will join the 63 countries with which we have already achieved it ", anticipates Johnson, who sees the" global United Kingdom "as a" force for good "on the international stage.

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