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Coinbase and other exchanges have announced the exclusion of XRP from their platform, the price has fallen 40% in the last 24 hours


The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced today that it is suspending XRP trading.

Needless to say, there are moments of terror for users holding XRP in the wake of the SEC's impending decision to sue Ripple.

The SEC's indictment has caused a ripple effect on the price, and in fact, many are selling the cryptocurrency, causing its price to plummet. But above all, exchanges are beginning to remove it of their platforms because it is too risky an asset.

For example, today Coinbase give him ad of the delisting beginning January 19 and users have until that date to decide what to do. The asset was added on Coinbase last year.

Coinbase and Others: Exchanges Eliminate XRP

OKCoin has also made it clear that remove the asset on January 4 and users will have to decide whether to withdraw it and try to sell it elsewhere, while any possibility of trade or deposit will be closed permanently.

Crypto.com will remove the asset from the list on January 19, but only for users in America, so the rest of the world will not be affected by this exclusion and users can continue to withdraw from their platform without any problem.

Things are no better in Hong Kong, where the platform OSL he has decided immediate suspension of payments and asset trading service: Calvin ayre commented on it. According to him, XRP is illegal:

An identical scenario can be found in the exchange of Beaxy, what has made known what has Ripple trading blocked– Anyone can withdraw their XRP from their account.

Bitstamp will close operations and deposits on January 8, but only for US users, the rest of the nations will have no problems and will be able to continue carrying out operations on the exchange.

We also report the suspension for Simplex, Bitwise and B2C2Hence, a delisting that affects almost all exchanges.

For the moment Binance has not communicated any update regarding the asset, but it is highly likely to be removed for US users and from its US platform Binance US.

Instead, one of Ripple's latest posts on his Twitter channel, wishing everyone happy holidays, seems almost like a joke. Given the current situation, it has been a bad time.

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