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Wall Street Go Green with Dow and Apple Hitting New Highs Thanks to Trump


Wall Street has started its last week of the year in green. He Dow Jones has marked a new all-time high after ending with a rise of 0.68%. The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 have advanced 0.74% and 0.87%, respectively. They have done it encouraged by Donald Trump. The outgoing US president has unexpectedly signed the second round of stimulus of 2.3 trillion dollars to the largest economy in the world that personalities like Jerome powell, Chairman of the Fed, had been complaining for weeks.

Trump, who leaves office on January 20 after losing the November elections to the president-elect Joe biden, has backtracked on its threat to block the bill, which was approved by Congress last week, after both Democrats and Republicans pressed for it to accept it.

The Republican president, who played golf on Sunday and signed the bill at his Florida club, had required Congress to change it to increase the size of stimulus checks for struggling Americans to $ 2,000, instead of 600, and that also cut some other expenses. Although he seems to have forgotten all these claims.

"All the bluster did not change in a significant way to the perspective of the actions, since the markets were still waiting (and finally received) the stimulus of minimum 900,000 million dollars", points Tom Essaye, founder of The Sevens Report, as collected CNBC. "The five pillars of the rebound – federal stimulus, FOMC stimulus, vaccine launch, divided government, and no double recession – remain largely in place, and until that changes the medium and long-term outlook for stocks will be positive. ", added this expert.

At the business level, the earnings of Manzana and Walt disney. In fact, the apple company has renewed its all-time highs. It should also be noted that this Monday Alibaba is back in the pillory. The company has slumped again in the Asian market (-8%) due to pressure from Chinese regulators, who have directed Alibaba's subsidiary, Ant Group, to rectify the monopoly position of its businesses. On Wall Street, its price registers falls of more than 3%.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex has closed with rises of 0.54%, like other European indices. And it is that the Brexit agreement reached 'in extremis' last week encourages purchases. This Monday the EU has unanimously approved the agreement reached.

In other markets, oil is trading slightly higher, while gold is up 0.7% to $ 1,897.80 per ounce. US Treasuries stand at 0.956%.

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