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The first two vaccinated in Spain are "very well", without any discomfort


Both Araceli, the first elderly woman vaccinated in Spain against Covid-19 and Mónica, the assistant of the nursing home 'Los Olmos', in Guadalajara, are "very well" and the forecast that on this same day they will be vaccinated almost the 87.5% of the residents of this public center, which is the percentage that has decided to get the vaccine and almost 99% of the professionals on staff, according to Europa Press.

"You have to be vaccinated because it is the beginning of an end that we are waiting for," said the director of 'Los Olmos', Marina Vadillo, at the doors of the residence, in subsequent statements to journalists, who clarified that both the resident and the professional are perfectly and that from now on the vaccine will begin to be supplied to the rest of the residents and later to the rest of the workers.

Araceli crossed herself before giving him the vaccine and although according to the director initially she was "a little nervous", she is already "calm" and having breakfast while Monica is already working, neither of them has passed the Covid-19.

A team from the Geriatrics University Hospital and the health team from the residence itself, belonging to Sescam, are still in the residence, but not relatives of the residents who, as the director has pointed out, due to Health regulations, cannot enter the center.

Regarding those who have not wanted to be vaccinated, the person in charge of Los Olmos has made it very clear that it is a decision that must be respected.


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