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World's most popular Bitcoin ATMs



In the blockchain and crypto world, the notable devices that have been with us for several years are the Bitcoin ATMs, which are ATMs that allow people buy and sell BTC.

Obviously, there are several manufacturers that sell these devices, which often have different functions since there are single option models that only allow you to buy cryptocurrencies and other models that also allow you to sell them, the so-called “bidirectional”.

But what are the Most popular manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs

To answer this question, we will use some platforms to identify both the manufacturers and the countries with the most Bitcoin ATMs, in order to obtain an objective picture of the quality of the products and the manufacturers of these devices.

Let's start with Lamassu, one of the first companies to offer crypto ATMs with a two-way option and thus allow customers to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. The basic model costs € 3,700 and worldwide this company has 569 installations.

One of the best known circuits in America is undoubtedly CoinSource, whose devices allow you to buy cryptocurrencies but also sell them.

Last year, CoinSource ATMs added stablecoins, so it is now possible to buy DAIs as well. There is 889 of these ATMs in the US.USA.

BitAccess, founded in 2013 in Ottawa, Canada, has 1304 ATMs cryptocurrencies around the world. The first ATM was launched in 2014. This company not only supplies these devices, but also manufactures them and therefore has control of the entire production chain.

One of the crypto ATMs that everyone will have seen is the one produced by General Bytes, which offers the ability to customize the ATM and has many functions. They can be found in almost every country in the world, and there are even 3754.

Finally, one of the biggest manufacturers is without a doubt Genesis Coin, which has 4,818 devices, mainly in the United States, but they are also scattered in other parts of the world such as China and the Philippines.

This company offers three different models: the Genesis1 at $ 14,500 which is a bidirectional system, the Satoshi1 at $ 7,380 from which it is possible to choose the version, and finally the Finney3 model at $ 4,500 which is dedicated to a private label and therefore sold with name of the company that decides to expand in this sector.

These are just some of the more than 40 producers of crypto ATMs, and now there are more than 13,000 crypto ATMs in all the world, not to mention the various services that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies of various types with cash, totaling more than 274,000 services worldwide.


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