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Wall Street is not defined and is listed mixed: Covid ruins the Christmas rally



Wall street follows the trail set this week and trades with a mixed sign after close like this this monday. Investors discount the new economic stimulus plan to fight the pandemic, while the Covid-19 it continues to expand uncontrollably in the US and Europe, despite the arrival of the first vaccines.

Thus, the virus is on its way to ruin the traditional Christmas rally in the stock markets. Although it is necessary to remember that, when there are only a few days left until 2020 ends, the S&P 500 has risen almost 15%, the Dow Jones about 6% and Nasdaq an impressive 42%.

In the business scene, one of the protagonists of the day is Manzana, which plans to launch in 2024 a 100% electric and fully autonomous vehicle, which could include its own battery technology and would compete with those of Tesla.

Further, BioNTech has ensured that his vaccine it will also be effective against the new strain of Covid-19. "The immune response of our vaccine has always succeeded in inactivating the virus," he said. Ugur Sahin, president of BioNTech and developer of the vaccine together with Pfizer, in statements to the German agency DPA.

On the day's agenda, the GDP data has been known. The US economy grew 33.4% in the third quarter, a record figure that comes after the historic drop of 31.4% between the months of April and June.

At a strategic level, BNY Mellon Investment Management affirms that there is "positive prospects" for next year, by specifying that the bags they will enjoy "a very favorable environment" by the second semester.

"After a probably bad winter, marked by lockdowns and a persistent negative sentiment about Covid-19, the vaccine will reach the general population in spring, which is when we can expect a stronger economic recovery.

This recovery, together with economic stimuli and low interest rates, it will prove positive for global equities and the rebounds will spread to a growing number of sectors"anticipates Yuko Takano, manager of Newton, part of BNY Mellon IM.

In other markets, the West Texas oil falls 1.3% to $ 47.32, while the euro it depreciates 0.1% and changes to $ 1.2228. Besides, the ounce of gold falls 0.2% to $ 1,878, and the yield of the American 10-year bond falls to 0.93%.

Finally, remember that the trading week will end on Thursday, since that day the markets They only open half a session on both sides of the Atlantic and on Friday they close for Christmas.



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