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Apple wants to launch its autonomous car in 2024 to compete with Tesla


Apple is currently advancing automotive technology and has set a 2024 deadline for the production of a 100% electric and completely autonomous vehicle, which could include your own battery technology.

The well-known Titan Project, focused on the effort of the apple automotive sector, has been carried out in a uneven since 2014, when he started designing the vehicle from scratch. Apple at one point reduced the effort to focus on software and was forced to revise its goals.

Doug Field, a former Tesla employee and veteran Apple worker, returned to oversee the project in 2018 and came to fire 190 people from the team last year.

Since its return to the multinational, Apple has advanced enough to have today as its objective build an autonomous vehicleaccording to two people familiar with the plan, who asked not to be identified as the company's plans were not made public.

The plan to build a personal vehicle stands in contrast to rivals like Alphabet's Waymo, which has managed to build robotic taxis to transport driverless passengers.

The design of the battery, one of the strengths of the future car of technology, could reduce "radically" the cost of this part, of high economic value, and increase the autonomy of the vehicle, according to a third person who has been able to witness the prototype of the Apple battery.

It therefore supposes a big challenge in the supply chain for Apple, a multinational that has been manufacturing hundreds of millions of electronic products with parts from all over the world for years, but has never made a car. To compare the challenge, Elon Musk's Tesla took 17 years before it became profitable.


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