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ACS hits the bearish guideline and stops short


The falls of the last sessions fit absolutely within the normal parameters in the sense that it can be a simple 'retest' to the top of the side of the last months.

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While it is true that the titles of ACS They have stopped dead in the face of the downward guideline that joins the successive decreasing highs since the end of 2019, the sensations are not entirely bad, on the contrary. Why? Because the falls of the last days fit perfectly within what can be a simple 'retest', a 'throw back' to the top (formerly resistance and now support) of the lateral movement in which the price has been immersed since May. Which leaves the door open for it to try to restructure itself upwards again with a first objective at the resistance of 28.19 euros and above the next control zone we find it at 30 euros (minimum of August 2019 ).

ACS weekly chart

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