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Ábalos announces that the suspension of evictions is extended until May 9



The Executive has announced the aExpansion of the decree prohibiting evictions and dispositions, which was in effect until January 31. As reported, the suspension is extended until May 9, 2021, when the alarm state ends.

As reported in the press conference after the council of Minister José Luis Ábalos, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, has added a new element to the decree already in force, the suspension of launches and evictions of vulnerable groups or those in a vulnerable economic situation as a consequence of the pandemic. "We extend the protection to those people who before the pandemic were in a vulnerable situation," the minister concluded.

The Royal Decree also includes the prohibition to suspend evictions or releases to another group, households affected by procedures to release their habitual residence. He The only requirement is that they do not come from leases, provided that there are dependents, women victims of sexist violence or minors.

The minister has argued that this decree should have entered into force a long time ago and that, "In no case", the occupation becomes for no person his habitual residence, your second home or have been transferred to other people. Likewise, it adds the importance that the people benefited by the decree have proof of their situation of vulnerability.



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