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Technical analysis office: IAG, Repsol, PharmaMar, Audax, Grifols, Codere, Carrefour and JD.com


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Repsol, PharmaMar, Carrefour, JD.com, Audax Renovables, Grifols, IAG and Codere.

Technical analysis

Good morning, I would like you to analyze these two assets after the recent and significant falls in recent days: Repsol and PharmaMar. Thank you very much and greetings. R.EV.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Of Repsol We have talked at length in recent times and the truth is that nothing has changed. What is happening to this title is the same that is happening to the Ibex and Santander, among many others. Simply that they have turned at very important resistance levels: the weekly bearish gap in early / mid March. This has been filled in, but it has not been closed or what is the same canceled. And after not succeeding, they collapse. From which it follows that to be able to think about a before and after everything happens through being able to close on a Friday above the important resistance of 8.76 euros. And, despite the rebound, close to 80% from the October lows, we still have long-term decreasing highs and lows. Or what is the same, the price structure remains bearish in terms of medium and long term.

Repsol weekly chart

As to PharmaMar, is still in the corrective phase. Although in terms of the medium and long term it is still clearly bullish. Now, I recognize that since the upward gap in mid-June closed and the September lows were pierced, the value is no longer the same. Important supports have been drilled and therefore the corrective phase can be prolonged. In fact, a rebound towards the area of ​​93.60 euros would mean filling the last of the large downward gaps left by the price in recent months and little else. Not to mention the flawless highs and lows declining since mid-October. All in all, the bottom trend from the 2018 lows remains clearly bullish to this day. Thanks to you, greetings.

PharmaMar daily chart

Good morning, José María. I wanted to ask you about Carrefour, which I think is in an interesting sector and is doing well, but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the share price. Thank you very much for this office that I always follow closely. M.F.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Carrefour it is a bearish value in terms of medium and long term. Clearly bearish I would venture to say. Actually, the only interesting thing at this moment is the fact that we have close to important supports: the area of ​​12.90-13 euros, which are the minimums of 2012 and 2018. Although it is true that we have a dilation in prices that indicate that the support can be extended to the area of ​​annual lows (12.09). The only interesting thing about this value is the fact that the return-risk equation becomes optimal on the long (bullish) side at the aforementioned support levels and as long as they are not pierced. Thank you very much, greetings.

Carrefour long-term monthly chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. Would you be in favor of keeping JD.com in your portfolio? Do you think you have a good upward journey? Thank you very much for your attention. Cordial greetings. M.CS.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Well, everything will depend on your purchase price. In the end, JD.com it is clearly bullish in terms of the medium and long term despite the declines in recent weeks. In fact, it has set all-time highs in November, at (92.77). Actually, just look at the weekly long-term chart, where rising lows and highs occur over and over again over time. As first important supports we have the area of ​​$ 71.70 and below $ 69.18. Here is a good example of what we like to remember that an underlying, whatever it is, can be bullish in terms of the medium and long term and at the same time experience significant falls in the short term. Action-reaction phase. Thanks to you, greetings.

JD.com weekly chart

Good Morning. I am Félix from Valencia and I would like to know the short and medium term perspectives of Audax Renovables and Grifols. Very friendly. Best regards. S.MF.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Audax Renewables continues to move within a broad lateral movement since early 2018. Lateral that is gradually narrowing, which appears to be shaping a symmetrical triangle (decreasing highs and increasing lows). The problem at this time is that we have the price in a nobody's zone, far from important support and resistance. In any case, what is clearly appreciated is an important support at the annual lows (1.22). In other words, any possibility that the price could be restructured upwards in terms of the medium term happens because this support is respected. Above, on the resistance side, we have the last decreasing maximum (2.31) and the area of ​​2.50 euros. A greeting.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

As to Grifols, everything follows exactly what we have been talking about for weeks / months. It is a value that despite the falls in recent times continues to be bullish in long-term terms. You just have to look at the manual bullish channel through which the price has been moving since 2014. Of course, we are going to demand that the important support that it has in the last great decreasing low is respected at all times: the September lows. at 21.27 euros. It would make no sense for it to be pierced within the background bullish scenario that is still intact today. A greeting.

Grifols monthly chart

Good morning, I would like you to analyze IAG and Codere in the very short term. I win a bit at both of them and I don't know whether to run away and sell them rather than make losses again. The bun oven is missing. Thank you very much, greetings. A.RC.

IAG it is extremely sensitive to any news that affects tourism, as is happening today about new doubts about the effects of the new variant of the virus. Hence, again, airlines, hotels and everything related to travel are what falls the most today. That said, IAG is a value that I don't see at all clear. Since the October lows, it has doubled in price, so the falls of the last sessions / weeks fit within the normal parameters in the sense that they would drain / adjust the previous strong rises. Action-reaction phase. The only thing I like about the current chart is that the latest bounce has led to a first rising high, which is no small feat. In fact, it is the first rising maximum since the falls at the beginning of the year. And somewhere you have to start …

IAG weekly chart

As to Codere just look at the long-term chart to realize that there is nothing to do. It is an unapologetic bearish value. This, in addition, is moving within an impeccable bearish channel from 2015 to today. The upper part, an important resistance, currently passes through the area of ​​approximately 2.35-2.40 euros. Or what is the same, even if it doubled in price, nothing would really change. It would be a simple bounce to the top of the bearish channel and nothing more. Thanks to you, greetings.

Codere weekly chart

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