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Wall Street ends in negative a week in which it has returned to all-time highs



Wall street has taken a breath. The main indices of the New York Stock Exchange ended with falls this Friday, after the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 closed this Thursday marking new all-time highs. Thus, the Dow Jones is down 0.38%, the Nasdaq, 0.07%, and the S&P 500, 0.19%.

The new fiscal stimulus package, which Jerome powell, president of the Fed, has asked desperately, is just around the corner. It will be 900,000 million dollars, and it will be divided into two phases.

On the business front, analysts are looking closely at stocks Tesla before its historic entry into the S&P 500 of this monday. With a market capitalization of more than $ 600 billion after a 700% rally so far this year, Elon musk they will join the index as its seventh largest company.

"The bad news (for markets) this week is that the third wave continues to worsen and the economic damage of the pandemic, too"Commonwealth Financial Network experts warn. "The good news is that policies are beginning to be successful in containing the virus," they add.

Precisely this Friday the data of the current account deficit of the third quarter, which widens as imports recover. Specifically, it has increased 0.1 percentage points to 3.4% of GDP. "We see a slow narrowing ahead, but still at an average of 3% of GDP in 2021," say experts at Oxford Economics. International flows have generally recovered between July and September, while the current account deficit "widened further to its highest level since 2008."

Days after endorsing the vaccine Pfizer and BioNTech, the FDA They have done the same with the Moderna candidate, which will begin to be distributed this weekend in the US.

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