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Sabadell opens the adhesion period to incentivized leave for its restructuring



The bank Sabadell has opened this Friday the term of adhesion to the incentivized leaves. The objective of the initiative is to cover a residual part of its restructuring plan for 1,800 people who have managed to cover so far with early and early retirements.

A little over a week ago, Sabadell received a large number of requests for early retirement and early retirements to your severance plan, specifically, 1,600 requests since the term began. This means that the bank will amortize 89% of the 1,800 places they have planned.

Due to the fact that not all the places in the early retirement plan have been covered, the entity has opened the membership period for the incentivized leave plan on Friday. Nonetheless, the retirement quota is residual, since the plan is practically covered.

He Next Wednesday, December 23, the deadline for submitting these requests is met. In the event of more requests than the maximum possible, the bank will prioritize early retirements and early retirements.

In the case of incentivized leave, the compensation agreed between Banco Sabadell and the unions reaches 35 days per year worked with a maximum of two annuities. This withdrawal would only affect personnel who perform administrative functions in the branch network, those born in 1965 or later, and the servicing and BSOS management.



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