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From € 1.78 to AstraZeneca to € 12 to Pfizer: what the EU pays for vaccines


From 1.78 euros the cheapest, at 18 euros the most expensive. This is what the European Union (EU) has paid for each dose of vaccine against Covid-19, as revealed on Twitter by a Belgian government official, detailing the prices that the European Commission has agreed with the six pharmaceutical groups with which it has concluded agreements within the framework of its vaccination strategy and which the European institution kept secret for confidentiality reasons.

Although she later deleted the message, the Secretary of State for Budget and Consumer Protection, Eva De Bleeker, announced on this platform that the EU has bought this year 33.5 million vaccines for 279 million euros and accompanied the text with an image in which the price per unit of each vaccine candidate is detailed.

Thus, it reported that 7.7 million doses of the vaccine developed by the Oxford and AstraZeneca at a price per unit of 1.78 euros and almost 5.2 million of the prototype of Johnson & Johnson for a price of $ 8.50 each (6.95 euros). The 7.7 million doses of the vaccine Sanofi and GSK they would have cost the EU a unit price of 7.56 euros.

Regarding the vaccine BioNTech and Pfizer, which may be the first to be authorized in the EU if it obtains a favorable recommendation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) next Monday, the price per dose is 12 euros and the EU has acquired a batch of 5 million units . Finally, according to the information revealed by this Belgian government official, the EU has paid 18 euros for each of the 2 million doses of the vaccine from Modern and 10 euros per unit of the CureVac vaccine, from whom it has bought 5.8 million doses.

The european commission refuses to reveal this information officially and cites confidentiality reasons. According to Brussels, it is the pharmaceutical groups that demand to include these clauses in the contracts, but also argues that Brussels is in a better position to negotiate with the companies if the prices agreed with other laboratories are not known.

The spokesman for Health of the Community Executive, Stefan de Keersmaecker, has avoided detailing what the consequences will be after these confidentiality clauses have been breached and has limited himself to stating that "there are good reasons" to respect them, too for the "general interest". The main spokesman for the European Commission, Eric Mamer, added that Member States have information on the price paid for each vaccine candidate. Furthermore, he stressed that "there would have been no contracts if these confidentiality clauses had not existed."

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