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Santander Wealth Management foresees a growth of 5.1% of the GDP in Spain by 2021


Santander Wealth Management & Insurance estimates that the long-awaited economic recovery will come in 2021. This Thursday it published a report explaining that the reestablishment of global economies that began in the third quarter of 2020 will be consolidated. It also foresees a rise in GDP in Spain of 5.1% for next year.

The increase in GDP represents a growth higher than expected for the euro zone as a whole, which exceeds 4.5%. In addition, in terms of intercontinental matters, a rise in GDP of 4.2% for the United States and up to 8.4% for the Chinese economy, according to its 'Market Outlook Report 2021 entitled Recovery and Disruption'.

The company has specified that it is necessary to continue extending monetary and fiscal stimuli so that a stable economic recovery is possible. In addition, the entity dedicated to the business of private banking and the management of assets and insurance, has explained that it also maintaining sanitary restrictions is important to avoid more infections from the pandemic. In this sense, mass vaccination of the population it becomes a crucial element.

Víctor Matarranz, the global head of Santander Wealth Management & Insurance, has reported that the desired economic recovery and disruption implies a proactive approach, where returns above inflation are targeted. In this sense, Matarranz has pointed out that “in an environment in which interest rates are extremely low and they will continue to be for a long time, the need to consider somewhat riskier investments with positive returns remains intact. "


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