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Calviño announces a 2.6 billion plan to digitize SMEs


Nadia Calviño, the Third Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, announced this Thursday that "Soon" the Executive will approve a plan to digitize SMEs with a budget of more than 2,600 million euros between 2021 and 2023.

Likewise, the vice president has advanced that the Government is working on a Business growth law, whose objective is to reduce the difficulty and complication of a company growing in size. In this sense, Calviño affirms that there will be “positive growth” in the last quarter of 2020 and foresees a possible reconomic recovery by 2021 if the "positive trend" continues.

Both plans, previously mentioned, will be linked to digitization objective of different areas as are the public administrations. In this way, the plans of the Spain Digital 2025 Agenda are completed.

Nadia Calviño has assured that, now it is "more urgent than ever" the growth of SMEs, as well as increasing your productivity. Further, has praised the Spanish business community considering it "exciting and impressive". All of this has happened during lto celebration of an act of Cepyme, specifically, the presentation of the yearbook of 'Cepyme500', the 500 leading Spanish SMEs in business growth, and 'CreCepyme', a innovative program where 5 SMEs without tutelage by different multinationals to help them increase their size.

Therefore, Calviño reports that they are analyzing the approval of a business growth law to eliminate the complications that companies experience when increasing their size. "A larger company scale means more possibilities to internationalize, invest in human and technological capital to innovate and increase productivity and efficiency ", said the vice president.


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