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PSOE and United We Can urgently request a law to 'cloak' the CGPJ


PSOE and United We can step on the accelerator to process a law that allows it to limit the powers of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). As the newspaper advances ABC, This Wednesday both parties have asked that the deadlines to process this new regulation be reduced by half.

And all, after Tuesday the Lower House gave the green light to take into account the reform proposed by the Executive led by Pedro Sanchez. They will not have it easy, since the opposition en bloc (PP, Vox and Ciudadanos) has openly shown its disagreement with the law put before Congress.

This new break takes place only hours after Sánchez and Pablo Casado they had a telephone conversation this Tuesday to unblock the appointment of the new members of the CGPJ. The attempt was in vain due to the refusal of the party that leads the opposition.

According to El Español, citing sources from United We Can, the purple formation does not rule out the request to start the process in January, taking advantage of the historic low parliamentary activity associated with the first month of the year. Socialists do not see it so clearly but, in any case, the CGPJ currently presided over by Carlos Lesmes would see its functions limited as of March.

The body continues to do its thing, and this Thursday it plans to approve at least three appointments in the last plenary session of the year, and is already working to close a quarter, according to El Confidnencial.

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