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Who is the Swiss that creates a treatment against Covid and rises 38,000% in the year?



Covid-19 also has treatment. This is what the Swiss biotechnology company works on, Relief Therapeutics, which shoots up 38,000% in the year while developing a drug to treat the inevitable respiratory failure that accompanies the most seriously infected.

165 volunteers have signed up for the trial that the Swiss plans to carry out with her American partner, NeuroRx. Together they want to convince the FDA with the results of this clinical trial, which is currently in phase 2b / 3.

His secret weapon is RLF-100 or aviptadil, patent that is based on a synthetic form of natural peptide that protects the lungs. It was lit in 2000 to treat respiratory problems and lung diseases. Earlier this year, the Geneva-based company discovered that it can protect the cell attacked by the virus.

"The efficacy of treatment in untreatable patients". In that sentence the president of the Swiss condensed, Ram Selvaraju, the rally of Relief Therapeutics during a telephone interview with the CNBC. "While others have focused mainly on moderate infections, we have done it on those most affected," he explains.

The first results prove him right. 72% of the patients admitted to the ICU who have had access to the RFL-100 have survived. From 100 to 1,000. It is the jump in market capitalization that the company has taken from the end of July (less than 100 million Swiss francs) to the present (1,000 million Swiss francs), reaching a market value of more than 1,600 million Swiss francs after the first promising results of your treatment.

The price of Relief Therapeutics, which closed at 0.40 Swiss francs this Friday, shows how cheap it was at the beginning. Without going any further, the securities of the multinational pharmaceutical company Roche are currently trading at around 306 Swiss francs.


Relief Therapeutics is confident that the pandemic is "an opportunity to show off this drug" And, if it definitely proves its success, it can be used in other patients beyond those infected with coronavirus. "Covid-19 is really the tip of the iceberg," Selvaraju acknowledges.

"Our long-term vision is to have a medicine that can be used in hospitals and ICUs, not only covered by the context of Covid-19," he concludes.

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