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Wall Street turns red: fear of new closings outweighs the vaccine


Wall street it has turned in the last co-sessions of the session and has closed mixed, only the Nasdaq has managed to save the session (Dow Jones -0.62%; S&P 500 -0.44%; Nasdaq + 0.50%). The fear of new closures due to the significant increase in cases is weighing more heavily on New York rates than the start of the vaccination campaign in the United States.

Doubts have settled among investors after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that the city may be forced to impose another "total shutdown" of the economy before the increase of cases.

"I think there is a possibility of having to do a complete hiatus, a total shutdown in the next few weeks because we can't allow this rhythm", de Blasio said about the rise in infections in an interview with the CNN chain.

The words of the mayor of New York have taken place in a new very bloody day. This Monday The United States has exceeded 300,000 deaths confirmed by covid-19.

As Covid-19 continues at an unstoppable pace, Democrats and Republicans continue to negotiate the stimulus. As reported Reuters, the package of economic measures of 908,000 million can end up being approved in two phases. The first, of 748,000 million, will go to the unemployed and small businesses. The second, for state aid, among other benefits.

The experts of Raymond James they believe that "the slowdown in the economy is becoming clear due to restrictions and rebounds, but any impact on the stock markets is being limited so far, and we hope that it will be limited to simple"pullbacks'unless something really changes on the vaccine front (for the worse). "

In this regard, the FDA has approved the emergency use of the vaccine candidate for Pfizer and BioNTech, which he hopes to begin to be administered to the US population over the next few weeks. The US joins the UK, Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia as the countries that will already use this vaccine.

On the business front, a new dart for big tech. The EU is studying whether or not to fine Amazon, Apple and Google with up to 10% of their turnover in the Old Continent.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex has rebounded after the extension of the Brexit, and waiting for new catalysts. Finally, in Asia the bags have closed with a mixed sign and somewhat indecisive.

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