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Google recovers from its 'blackout' after the worldwide fall of YouTube, Gmail, Drive …


A fade to black. This is what many of the services of Google, such as the video platform Youtube, Gmail, Meet, Drive… all of them have experienced a worldwide decline, the details of which are still unknown.

"Wow … The system has detected a problem (# 2014)", is what users who try to access Gmail from approximately 12:30 (Spanish peninsular time) will see.

In the rest of the services, problems have arisen when it comes to synchronizing files, viewing videos and loading applications. Although the drop has been worldwide, European countries such as Spain and Portugal, in addition to the United Kingdom, have experienced more than average trouble accessing these sites.

Alphabet, Google's parent company listed on Wall street, is not suffering at the moment, and in the absence of knowing more about the subject, it is trading practically flat at the pre-opening. Of course, a generalized fall like the one registered this Monday can create millionaire losses for the technological colossus, whose websites use and depend on ad platforms such as AdSense and AdWords to generate income.

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