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Boeing expands 787 inspections after finding a manufacturing defect


Boeing has expanded inspections of its 787 Dreamliners after find a manufacturing defect that was not initially detected, industry and government officials have reported to The Wall Street Journal.

The problem has been found in newly produced devices, although Boeing engineers and US aviation safety regulators agree that the problem does not pose an imminent safety hazard.

The news has not gone unnoticed on the New York market and its shares have been deflating after a clearly bullish opening. In fact, at this time on Monday they trade practically flat, around $ 230.

After knowing this information, the Federal Aviation Administration is likely to expedite an investigation to study if the safety guarantees are fulfilled and thus avoid new defects and failures such as those reported at the beginning of the year.

This comes after the airline industry has begun to regain confidence in Boeing after the safety concerns surrounding the 737 MAXs. In fact, in early November Ryanair reported the purchase of 75 new aircraft worth $ 7 billion.


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