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The EU and the United Kingdom agree to continue with the Brexit negotiations


This Sunday was the deadline that Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, and Boris Johnson, British prime minister, had set to continue negotiating the Brexit pact or to 'break the deck' definitively, which would give place to an exit without a pact. Finally, both have chosen to continue talking after having a telephone conversation in the middle of the morning, with what they give themselves one last chance to close a deal.

In a joint statement, they have indicated that they are willing to go "an extra mile" to try to close a deal. "We had a useful conversation this morning, in which we discussed the main issues to be resolved. Our negotiating teams have been working around the clock for the last few days. Despite being exhausted after almost a year of negotiation, even though time and time again we have missed deadlinesWe believe that the responsible thing at this point is to go the extra mile. We have agreed computer to the negotiators to keep talking to explore whether, even at this late stage, an agreement is possible", they have explained.

On Friday, stocks fell sharply after the two leaders warned that there was most likely no agreement finally. The president of the European Commission and Boris Johnson have analyzed by phone this Sunday the three points that prevent negotiations from closing: the rules on competition, arbitration mechanisms in case of dispute and the access of the European fishing fleet to British waters. Although they have not been able to reach an agreement on the matter, the prolongation of the negotiations at least leaves that possibility open.

The extension of the talks until this Sunday came after the dinner that both leaders held last Wednesday, after which both parties were very skeptical. Without an agreement, United Kingdom It will leave the single market and the customs regime of the European Union on December 31 and will be forced to trade with the bloc under the terms of the World Trade Organization, with tariffs and higher costs for companies and consumers.

Johnson and von der Leyen have said that this Sunday's call was "helpful", but They have not specified if an agreement is closer.


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