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Moderna vs Pfizer: which offers a better technical aspect?


We technically analyze two of the pharmaceutical companies whose vaccines are fighting to eradicate the global pandemic and which could undoubtedly catapult their prices to unsuspected levels

Technical analysis

Modern it has performed much better than Pfizer in the last five weeks. The pharmaceutical company has risen to about 180% in value for less than a month and a half. It has also managed to pulverize the all-time highs that it presented at $ 95.21, which is why it is currently moving in a free rise without any resistance in its way. The absence of resistance in its path certainly positions it as a much more attractive option than Pfizer for the next few weeks. In spite of everything, we will monitor its behavior at the support of $ 128. If it were to leave this price level, we could end up seeing a return to the level of 100 dollars, prices where it presents a significant level of demand.

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Pfizer It has appreciated substantially less than Moderna in the last month and a half. The company has gained 30%, which has helped it overcome important resistance that has been encountered on its way. The value has managed to exceed the level of 38.83 dollars and after piercing that of 41.92 dollars it seems that we could see, imminently, an attack at the level of 47.43 dollars, historical highs. These prices are key and if it manages to exceed them, we do not rule out ending up seeing an extension of the profits to the level of 60 dollars. The first support level is at $ 36, prices very far from the current ones.


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