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The Prosecutor's Office continues with the investigation of Juan Carlos I despite the regulation with the Treasury



The Prosecutor's Office will examine the statement presented by the king emeritus, Don Juan Carlos I to regularize his debt with the Treasury, without abandoning the causes that he maintains open on the alleged use of credit cards linked to funds of a Mexican businessman, by the king.

This Friday the Prosecutor's Office announced in a note that after the meeting held by the prosecutors responsible for the investigation, it will assess the scope of the tax declaration presented by Juan Carlos on December 9, "Its spontaneity, veracity and completeness, within the framework of a broader investigation that will continue to be carried out by the Office of the Supreme Court Prosecutor".

The announcement of the Prosecutor's Office came after it was known that the public prosecutor informed the former head of state several weeks ago that an investigation had been opened on the cards with money that the businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause allegedly donated to him and had not declared to the Treasury until last Wednesday, which settled a debt with the treasury of 678,393 euros. The intention of the emeritus king is to join the Article 305.4 of the Penal Code, which would allow you to regularize your situation with the treasury, as long as the statement is made before the Administration or the justice "files a complaint or complaint" or before the Prosecutor's Office or a judge "carry out actions that allow them to have formal knowledge of the initiation of proceedings ”.



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