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Cabify ensures that it does not have tax havens and that it pays 100% of its taxes


Cabify, the transport technology platform, has assured this Friday that it pays 100% all the corresponding taxes in all the countries it works.

The mobility app has defended that he pays all his taxes, including Spain, where it ensures that the company declares all its operations and the corresponding tax settlement. The company claims to reflect it in this way in the audit report where they present the annual accounts they generate. Likewise, It is ruled out that he has any type of action in Luxembourg or other tax havens with the aim of reducing your fees in paying taxes.

In addition, the company wanted to mention its career in Spain and that has closed "the best exercise" in its history in the country, thus achieving acquire a "solid" financial position. Cabify assures that it will support the business of Spanish society in order to achieve a gradual recovery with the necessary cash resources.

Thanks to the firm Maxi Mobility Spain, Cabify obtained a net profit of 2.7 million euros in the region, thus proclaiming itself the first to achieve it. Likewise, its revenue shot up 54% and increased 223 million euros.


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