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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Santander, Viscofan, Grenergy, Nasdaq, AMD, Zoom Video and Tesla



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Telefónica, Santander, AMD, Tesla, Zoom Video, Viscofan, Grenergy and the Nasdaq 100.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. I would like you to analyze Telefónica, Santander and a Nasdaq security that I bought not long ago: AMD. All three with a view to the long term (3-5 years). I congratulate you on this section that I try to read whenever I can. Thank you very much for all your invaluable help. A greeting. A.PR.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Telephone it is still one of the ‘blue chips’ in our weakest market. While a large majority have already closed the weekly bearish gap in early March, many others are now attacking this resistance. However, in the case of the operator we are talking about price levels close to 4.90 euros. One euro above. What is a clear sign of intrinsic weakness of this value with respect to the market measure. Not to mention the long-term bearish guideline, which is currently in the six-euro area. In the long term, anything can happen, however, the only thing that can tell you about this title is that we do not have a figure back to the upside and that the bottom trend is still clearly bearish at the present time.

Telefónica weekly chart

As to Santander, title that we analyzed this morning first thing in the morning (read the analysis here), is attacking the important homologous resistance to the 8,375 points of the Ibex 35, the 2,9175 euros. Let's see if it is able this week to close / cancel the weekly bearish gap in March. Doing so, corrections aside, would be an important sign of strength for the coming weeks / months.

Banco Santander weekly chart

By last, AMD It is a clear hold in portfolio. It is an absolute free rise value that since the end of 2018 has been moving within an impeccable manual bull channel. And after a side of several months, the price has broken up again, thus giving continuity to the impeccable upward trend of the background or primary. The technology remains very strong and within it the sector of semiconductor manufacturers, mainly. Thanks to you, greetings.

AMD weekly chart

Good morning, José María. How do you see the possible evolution of Tesla and Zoom Video for 2021? Will they keep climbing or will they take a well-deserved break? Greetings from Barcelona. J.T.

Dear reader, good afternoon. From the first, from Tesla, there is nothing to say. It is in an absolute free rise and since its entry into the S&P 500 was announced, the price has risen by 60%, which is said soon. It is a clear hold in your portfolio knowing that at any time you can take a well-deserved break. The danger of Tesla, for those who are out and want to enter, is that they must assume that a strong fall would not deteriorate in the least what is the uptrend of the background, or primary. In other words, the 'stop loss' must be very generous.

Tesla daily chart

As to Zoom VideoA bullish title in medium and long-term terms, it is in a corrective phase in the short term. Specifically, between two gaps. One bullish (support), at $ 325.25 and another bearish (resistance), at $ 500. And anything that happens within that wide price range will have no title implications of any kind. A greeting.

Zoom Video daily chart

Hello good day. I would like to know your opinion about Grenergy Renovables. What path do you see in the very short term? THE.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Grenergy it is a free rising value, and therefore clearly bullish in the medium term. What is not removes so that in the short we have him deploying a lateral movement, in this case in the form of a triangle (decreasing maximums and increasing minimums). What's more, in normal conditions the logical thing is that the triangle in front of us is one of trend continuity: bullish. As the main resistance zone we have the annual highs, which are also historical, at 22.50 euros.

Grenergy daily chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I have had Viscofan shares at 57 euros for many months now. And while it is true that I earn some money, it seems that the title has fallen asleep. What do your graphics tell you? Thank you. L.M.

It is true that Viscofan he is very stopped, but the sensations are good. In fact, what we have in front of us is an inverted 'head and shoulders' of continuity (a figure that is not easy to see in the markets, everything has to be said). But this is there. Let's say that it is a security that I do not dislike at all as long as the important support that it has in the October lows of 53.25 euros is not pierced. As long as it lasts, everything will remain in the worst case a clear maintenance. Yes, I know that this would mean making a loss. But it is that the 'stop loss' is what it is and is where it is. This is always set by the market. Thanks to you, greetings.

Viscofan weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. How do you see the Nasdaq after the ‘rally’ of recent years? I say that this will be sold out sometime, right? What can you expect from it in 2021? Thanks for everything. L.C.

The NasdaqTechnology is the index that has risen the most in the last decade. And of course we have witnessed strong falls in between. The climbs have not been a bed of roses. Action-reaction phase. What happens is that Wall Street remains impeccably bullish in terms of the medium and long term. Which cannot be said for most world indices. And if anything we can also say it of the German Dax. The medium and long-term growing lows and highs in technology are still intact and on occasions we are witnessing major corrections against trend (reaction phases), but it is to continue rising. What makes no sense is wanting to see market ceilings where there are none for the simple fact that something has risen a lot.

That said, what we have in front of us is the Nasdaq 100 breaking the all-time highs and therefore in absolute free rise after a consolidation of levels since July. What's more, we can even guess a triangle that has been surpassed by its upper part. The usual we go, it is bullish without contemplation.

Nasdaq 100 daily chart

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