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PrimeXBT, a unique trading proposal in the crypto ecosystem


With the great movements of the different markets in recent weeks, especially that of cryptocurrencies, it seems clear that in this environment great opportunities to make profits arise, and for this you need to operate with a platform that facilitates the action to the maximum. That is why today I want to talk about Prime XBT.

What is PrimeXBT?

PrimeXBT is a high-level integrated investment and trading management platform. All types of assets can be traded in it. Of course cryptocurrencies, but also a wide range of financial assets from around the world, from Forex, to indices, through raw materials. It is based on Bitcoin and offers us the possibility of also operating in Margin-Trading (leverage).

One of the greatest advantages offered by this platform is that it not only operates with cryptocurrencies, but also incorporates a whole range of investment products that does not include any other Bitcoin-based platform. Of course, although the platform is based on Bitcoin, we can make the deposit in any cryptocurrency or fiat that we want, thanks to strategic alliances with providers of instant exchange.

Another great advantage is that PrimeXBT does not ask for KYC. They do not ask for it because they respect the privacy of their clients and also because it is a security improvement, since there is no risk that the most important personal data will be leaked on the internet through "hacks", as we have been able to live on other platforms throughout weather.

Apart from its product, PrimeXBT's great guarantee is that it operates with high-level partners, such as the copy-trading software development company Covesting and Bitfurys crystal, which is used to detect and prevent money laundering in the Bitcoin network.

Trading operations

As we have said, PrimeXBT offers other investment assets outside the world of cryptocurrencies, something essential if we want to have a diversified portfolio. Being able to expand it for example with indices and raw materials.

Another of the big differences with respect to cryptocurrency exchanges: in traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, orders are executed P2P, which means that supply and demand intersect locally. PrimeXBT uses STP, which stands for Direct Processing; Each order is sent directly to the major global liquidity providers, causing fewer slippages and more liquidity available.

Aside from the classic Market, Limit and Stop orders that most will already know, PrimeXBT also offers OCO orders. OCO means “one cancels the other”. It is very useful professional programming when we expect the price to break a range, but it is not yet clear in which direction it is going to do so.

As we already anticipated, PrimeXBT offers us the possibility of operating with leverage. And as a particularity, it allows us to calculate the% of the margin that we are using by leveraging ourselves. For example, if we have 1 BTC in deposit, we can open the position up to 100 BTC, which will be 100% of the maximum margin, which is very risky and you will receive a margin call as soon as the price turns a bit. We can select for example a position of 20 BTC, which will be a use of 20% of the available margin. Margins higher than 50% are not recommended, especially if we operate in volatile markets.

PrimeXBT has very competitive commissions. You can see them at https://primexbt.com/es/fees

Copy-trading Covesting

One of the most interesting and novel additional functions within the PrimeXBT infrastructure. The module, developed by Covesting, a regulated provider with a DLT license in Gibraltar, allows operators to develop “their own investment fund”.

With Convesting we have a copy-trading tool, by which investors can develop a successful track record, and if someone decides to copy them in trades, receive fees for the operations of each of their followers. In the same way, an investor can also improve their profitability if they copy the right professionals.

Support and reliability

PrimeXBT offers online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat on the platform.

PrimeXBT is committed to the quality of its service and seeks to provide users with the best possible experience. For this reason, when there has been a problem on the platform (either due to force majeure, failures of the providers and third parties with which we work) users have always been informed and they have been compensated for the inconvenience caused.

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