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Can Stock Exchanges Afford a Christmas Rally? This the experts say



Do world stock markets have the strength and margin to 'give' the market a Christmas rally? The experts of Yardeni Research believe so: "The markets have already had his Santa Claus rallyBut things keep going up and it doesn't matter what fundamentals you look at. "

"The fact is that there is so much liquidity with low rates out there, that they are pushing the stock markets even higher," they say in statements to the CNBC.

"November has been one of the best months in history for stock markets," they recall. "It was a great, great month for the markets, especially for small and mid-caps stocks.", they add. In this sense, the three main US indices (Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Dow Jones) closed in record territory last week.

The latest US employment report suggests, in the eyes of these experts, that the world's largest economy will avoid entering that dreaded double recession in the first quarter of 2021, and that its GDP will rebound in spring boosted by the vaccine, which will help to trigger that demand suppressed by the pandemic.


Until then, the experts from Yardeni Research They believe that the US still has homework to do. The most urgent is clear: close a second round of stimuli. "There are many people who are lagging behind, and after losing their jobs they see their unemployment aid in danger," they warn. "And then, of course, there are many businesses that have barely survived the first and second waves of the virus," they conclude.

The opinion of Yardeni's experts is shared by the majority of analysts, who believe that the renewal of these unemployment subsidies is vital to face 2021. Regarding the aforementioned second round of stimuli, the latest information points to a certain optimism that a package of more than 900,000 million dollars in aid, which many see it as one of the great catalysts for stock markets in the coming weeks.

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