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Justice studies "harmonizing" the crime of sedition according to conduct punished in Europe


The announced reform of the crime of sedition by the Government, with the aim of harmonizing "the Spanish Penal Code with that of other European countries, in the words of the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, could represent a reduction of current penalties assimilating this crime to conduct of serious resistance punished in other countries with no more than five years in prison.

Government sources consulted by Europa Press argue that the sedition is a crime that does not easily find an equivalent in European legal systems, something that does not happen with rebellion, which although it is not referred to by this term in other codes if it can be more easily compared with other conduct seriously punished such as "high treason" in Germany or crimes against the Republic or the integrity of the national territory in France.

Despite the fact that both crimes are planned to be reformed, the focus is especially on sedition because that is why the pro-independence leaders were convicted by the Supreme Court in the trial for the "procés" in Catalonia. Furthermore, if the foreseen penalty is The reduction of the reform will have consequences in the fulfillment of the sentences already imposed on former vice president Oriol Junqueras and the rest of those convicted, as the retroactivity of the rule is applied to the benefit of the defendant.


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