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Ikea announces that it will stop publishing its legendary catalog after 70 years



Ikea has decided to stop publishing its legendary catalog, one of the largest annual world publications, at a time when buyers are betting more and more on Internet purchases, as announced this Monday by the giant that sells furniture at low prices. price.

The 70-year-old publication reached a peak in 2016, when more than 200 million copies were distributed to Ikea homes and stores in more than 50 markets. Its first edition, which showed the iconic MK Wing chair, amounted to 285,000 copies and was distributed in southern Sweden, while the last, this year, had an edition of 40 million copies.

The decision, according to Reuters reports, is part of Ikea's bid to go more digital as consumers increasingly seek inspiration from the internet, while buying more on the web. In the 12 months to the end of August, Ikea's online sales jumped 45%.

"The number of copies has gone down, but we have also seen that people are more and more used to our website, applications and social networks. The catalog became less and less important," said Konrad Gruss, managing director of the division of franchises Inter Ikea Systems, a division of parent Inter Ikea Group.



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