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The most wanted gifts of Christmas are in all the letters to Santa Claus and the Kings


The coronavirus has completely transformed our consumption habits, including Christmas shopping. Therefore, this Christmas, the 75% of Spaniards will reduce the budget for gifts and the 30% will make purchases online to avoid possible infections. Also, 3 out of 10 people will buy second-hand gifts, according to the report "Christmas Report 2020" by Milanuncios. So, for the undecided or those who cannot cut their pockets for the holidays to come, we bring a list with the star gifts this year.

With Christmas just around the corner Amazon reveals, one more year, his list of 100 toys that will succeed the most in Spain among the smallest. The top trends on the list will be led by collectibles SuperThings, the characters of the series Star Wars: The Mandalorian, and board games such as Catan, UNO, Monopoly, Virus, Dobble or Dixit. With regard to children's favorite childhood characters, names such as Barbie, Marvel heroes, Frozen or Pin and Pon come to light.

According to the analysis carried out by the e-commerce giant, they are based on recent movie premieres and children's characters that will be trending in 2020 to obtain the results.

So, to hit the stars of Christmas, you have to keep the following products in mind:

– The SuperThings collectibles: They are among the best sellers on Amazon.com for the third consecutive year, and include characters of different shapes (food, objects, robots …), different scenarios and vehicles.

Star wars: This year the protagonists of The Mandalorian will be a revelation, with little baby Yoda as the star.

Table games: the perfect gift to spend time with the family with Hijos vs. Parents, Cluedo, Virus or Monopoly, among others.

The latter will be in high demand on these dates when the whole family gathers, as María Baquedano, head of the Amazon.com Toy Store, says, “classics like Monopoly, Pictionary, Cluedo, UNO, Jenga or Dobble, or more. recent ones, like Virus, Catán and Chef Umami, are among the best sellers on Amazon.com ”. And he adds: "Fun games to liven up meetings at home have also been in great demand from Amazon.com customers, such as Guatafac, a bestseller for one of the SMEs that sell on Amazon.com."

"The classics always triumph: Barbie, Nenuco, Nancy or Pinypon will not be missing in the letters to the Three Wise Men," indicates María Baquedano, who says that "also, this year, choosing toys is very easy with Kids' Wish list: it is a wish list for the little ones, they view the items from your tablet or mobile and choose the gifts they want to ask the Three Wise Men, in a fun and safe environment ”, he concludes.

On the other hand, if 2020 has taught us something, it is to be in solidarity. Thus, another proposal comes from the hand of some campaigns that different NGOs have launched so that one can buy the gifts of the holidays and in turn contribute with donations.

Christmas cards: the NGO Entreculturas offers Christmas cards on paper and animated with which it contributes "so that the right to education of thousands of children in the world does not stop despite the health crisis that we are experiencing and that causes minors in a situation of vulnerability risk not going back to school. "

Those of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation they are "customizable" and will help the organization continue to act on the front line against COVID-19 in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Business gifts: Doctors without borders offers companies that donate a personalized video or animated postcard. With the proceeds, the NGO intends to send individual protection teams against Covid-19, organize treatment centers and establish infection control and prevention protocols in the organization's projects around the world.

Intermón Oxfam proposes to give a touch of solidarity to the mythical Christmas baskets by buying the ones it offers through its store, the preparation of which employs producers from disadvantaged areas.

Christmas dinners and celebrations: the Spanish Federation of Food Banks keeps open 'The Great Food Collection 2020' until December 13 in an 'online' way.

For its part, Action Against Hunger has launched the campaign 'The biggest Christmas dinner', in which companies and workers can donate the budget that they would allocate to their traditional dinner, which this year will be suspended due to restrictions by Covid-19, so that families vulnerable to eat.

Save the children invites, like other years, to 'import' and give a touch of solidarity to the British tradition of Christmas jumper day, in which the British compete to see who has the most striking Christmas sweater on the second Friday in December. The NGO proposes various ways of adapting the celebration by raising funds for Save The Children, either by encouraging workers to donate through company crowdfunding or with specific Christmas funds for video calls, so used this year by teleworking, or donating as a company for each Christmas photo or postcard that employees share. The organization explains that through the money collected it will support 1,570 families and more than 3,300 children affected by the crisis derived from Covid-19.


The truth is that in this scenario marked by the health crisis, Christmas is coming with the right budget, but that does not mean that you have to run out of the most demanded products. Here are the star gifts of each year, but in its version low cost:

Christmas sweater, or Ugly sweater: year after year the Christmas sweater is the star garment, and this 2020 there is a store that is sweeping theirs: Lidl. The firm has launched this week an ugly sweater that costs less than ten euros with two different designs, one of a reindeer and the other of a Christmas tree. It also has led lights and sound effects such as Christmas carols and melodies. The garment has swept the online store in less than 24 hours, but it is still physical.

Advent calendars: this gift is a classic, but with a small variation, they are no longer chocolate … but cosmetics and makeup. Beauty brands have created their calendars, each diverse, and they are expected to sell out in just a few hours. A perfect example and at a good price would be the calendar Sephora Wild Wishes, which costs 31.99 euros and its real value is 69.

Perfumes: this is the quintessential gift. Every year the firms bring out a special case of each fragrance to the market for Christmas, and a very good option is the colonies of Victorio & Lucchino of 12.95 euros. They already have more than 739,000 buyers, according to Kantar Media.

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