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The networks call for a boycott of Campofrío after his controversial Christmas announcement


Campofrío has launched its now traditional Christmas ad, which has replaced the long-awaited cava brand spots as one of the expected milestones of Advent. But, unlike other years, the footage, over three minutes long, has not exactly raised ovations. Viewers have been shocked because it celebrates life by laughing at death And they have turned to the networks calling for a boycott of the brand because, among other things, the presenter Andreu Buenafuente or the pianist James Rhodes also appear.

On this occasion, given the circumstances of Covid-19 and the thousands of deaths that have occurred throughout the world, the chosen motto is "Enjoy in life". For this, there is Quique San Francisco incarnating death as the protagonist, the aforementioned Buenafuente and Rhodes or Silvia Abril making their particular cameo, Juan Echanove or María Galiana.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI3NZGcZgIY (/ embed)

The advertisement, directed by Paco Plaza and Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, ends at the top of the Montserrat Massif (Catalonia), where the actor goes up to meet the rest of the protagonists and have a conversation about how difficult things are. "You can't either hug or anything," complains the protagonist as he salutes Silvia Abril with his elbow. However, San Francisco receives a lesson from his colleague Andre Buenafuente who tells him: "This can only get better."

And so, at the top of Montserrat and with the four protagonists sharing words of encouragement, the spot ends. "There is no day that, no matter how insignificant, strange or difficult it may seem, does not deserve to be lived," San Francisco sums up in a voice-over.

And despite everything, the haters have charged virulence against the ad.

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