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Technical analysis office: Sabadell, Ence, Solaria, Bankia, ACS, eDreams, S&P 500 and Tesla


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Solaria, Sabadell, S&P 500, Tesla, Bankia, ACS, Ence and eDreams.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. I would like you to analyze two securities that I have in my portfolio. Solaria, I have taken it from 8.60 and I do not know if the climb is exhausted or is it a hold, even though it corrects for a while. On the other hand, Sabadell. It has a downtrend, but if merger rumors flare up again, it has an M&A value well above its current price. Thank you very much in advance. A greeting. B.RO.

Dear reader, good afternoon. First congratulate you on the significant capital gains you currently have in Solaria. Potential gains that you have. for taking a bullish value and knowing how to withstand the corrections against trend (reaction phases) that always occur. That's where the money is, catching a trend and sitting in it, don't forget. That said, Solaria is very bullish and it cannot be ruled out that, sooner rather than later, it will attack the resistance it has at the all-time highs (24.27). But in the meantime, and for your peace of mind, place a 'stop profit' on monthly candles in the value. So as long as we do not have a monthly candle that closes below the low of the previous monthly candle, we will not have the slightest sign of weakness within the impeccable bottom uptrend. You have to let the profits run.

Solaria monthly chart

As to Sabadell it is a very bearish and dangerous title. The non-purchase of Sabadell by BBVA has hurt it a lot and in some way frustrated the figure back which he seemed to be shaping at the time. And the only thing to hold on to at this time is the fact that the support it presents in the bullish gap of 0.3363 euros holds. Failure to do so would leave the door open to the possibility of returning to lows again. And above the resistance to beat is at 0.45 euros. A weekly close above would undoubtedly be a more than interesting sign of strength in the title. But right now we have him in a nobody's zone and within a clear deep downward trend. Thanks to you, greetings.

Banco Sabadell weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Congratulations on the great work you do from your office. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the S&P 500 and Tesla. The latter bought at $ 331. Thanks a lot. L.CF.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The S&P 500 It has set new all-time highs this week, therefore it is an absolute free-rise underlying and there is no sign of strength other than this. The only "but" is the fact that it has a dynamic resistance in the zone of maximums reached, which is where the line that joins the successive rising maximums since September 2018 passes. In short, it is an index in absolute free rise, but with a potential dynamic resistance zone around current levels.

S&P 500 weekly chart

As to Tesla, is another value in absolute free rise. It is a clear keep. Since it broke the upward symmetric triangle, coinciding with the news of its entry into the S&P 500, it has not stopped rising, appreciating 50% in a few weeks. It remains a clear hold in the portfolio because at no time has it been a sell signal. It breaks upwards, rises strongly and later consolidates laterally. And so over and over again. You can safely keep them in your portfolio since you have them at a very good price. Another thing would be if you wanted to buy now, as it would mean arriving very late to the market. Above all, because the question that every investor who wants to enter now has to ask is: where do I place the ‘stop’ without the security ceasing to be bullish? This would imply being willing to place a very generous loss stop. And so you do not enter the market. Very kind for your words, thank you very much.

Tesla daily chart

Hello good day. I am a Bankia investor with significant losses and that is why I came to think that the merger with CaixaBank could make me earn a lot of money. The fact is that I expected more from this title and I no longer know whether to go out and take losses and something else. Thank you very much and greetings. R.RS.

Dear reader, good afternoon. We must know that this type of operation can cause important short-term rebounds, but nothing more. In the end Bankia it will do what the European financial sector does as a whole. That is, if it builds a figure back to the rise, it is normal for Bankia to begin to recover positions. But from there to being a bullish value in terms of medium and long term there is a world. Another thing is that Bankia once liked us when this filled in, which did not close, the bullish gap (support) of 1.03-1.04 euros. There, the return-risk equation was optimal for 'trading' on the long or bullish side. And now we have him attacking resistance and with his eyes set on the area of ​​approximately 1.80 euros, which is where we can find the next resistance. In short, Bankia is bearish in the medium and long term, but in the short term it is doing very well and the feelings are not bad. Thanks to you, greetings.

Bankia daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Do you think it could be an interesting time to enter Ence and ACS in the long term? I don't mind waiting 2-3 years if necessary. Thank you very much for your insightful analysis in these uncertain times. L.VM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Ence it is a value that is getting very interesting. At the moment we have a clear double support in the support zone of the March lows, which does not double bottom. The price is clearly and comfortably above the top of the long-term bearish channel. Which is to say that something is starting to change in the title. Now, the confirmation of a change in trend will be above the resistance of 3.30 euros as a round figure. From that moment on, it would be closing weekly bearish gap and confirming an interesting double bottom. The feelings are good no doubt.

Ence weekly chart

As to ACS, we have one of lime and another of sand. The good thing, that he has recently left behind the side of the last few months. And this is a sign of strength to take into account. The downside is that the bearish guideline that joins the decreasing highs from the highs of July 2019 is attacking. Above the guideline, with ease and in weekly candles, we will have an important sign of strength. A first step towards what can be an upward trend change in medium and long term terms. In any case, the sensations in both values ​​are good. Thanks to you, greetings.

ACS weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I have eDreams shares at 2.30 euros. Do you think you will be able to recover in the long term? I think the current price is the most interesting in the medium-long term, but after what I have seen I no longer believe or think anything. Every time I understand less about the stock market the truth. Greetings and thanks from Valladolid. G.RC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Congratulate him first of all on the juicy capital gains. From a graphics point of view, the appearance of eDreams It is good, we have a double bottom that, if fulfilled, would project to the resistance zone that it presents in the high part of the lateral-bullish movement since the end of 2014. With the permission of the resistance that it has in the weekly bearish gap of 4.99 euros. Let's say that, with its counter-trend corrections, everything indicates that it ends up looking for the upper part of the side at 6.60 euros. The stock market is not simple and rarely reacts based on what logic tells us. And this, why? Because the market discounts scenarios, or what is the same, anticipates events. A greeting.

EDreams weekly chart

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