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Investment funds: Automatic Advice, a New Era



The current massification of economic information on investments, the growing activity of financial operations and the increase in distrust in traditional advice, is generating a change in investor habits. Coupled with the general stock crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic, investors have more options than a few years ago.

Automation and technology are on the rise, causing a tipping point in service delivery. Now up-to-date useful information can be accessed from virtually anywhere and through any device. Therefore, the most outstanding benefit of this phenomenon is the immediacy, which is vital for the investor to obtain the keys that help him optimize the profitability of his investments.

When it comes to organizing your financial life, the investor has 3 possible options– You can do it yourself, with the help of a traditional financial advisor, or hire an automated advisor.

The investor can manage his investments himself thanks to the availability of complete and updated information, however, it is necessary to know how to interpret and use it. That is where the role of the advisor comes into play, helping to create portfolios of funds, which is the added value for the investor since you create them taking into account profitability expectations and risks. In addition, it must be considered that the advisor has discipline, experience and objectivity in decisions. A good advisor will not only be able to actively manage the portfolio of their clients, but will also have the ability to propose changes and adjustments.

What are the advantages of automatic advice?

Get to combine the advantages of the two previous options. Automatic advice has been around for over ten years in the US and provides excellent results for mutual fund investors. Hiring an automated financial advisor offers time and cost savings, and gives you more control over your financial situation:

1- Save time: Automatic financial advisors have a monitoring service with reports on the recommended movements to be made and current and future market situations. Automatic advice is obtained immediately.

2- Cost savings: It is affordable for both beginner and veteran investors. The service does not make economic differentiation according to the amount available to invest. Automated advisors typically charge a fixed monthly or annual fee for their services.

3- Autonomy and control: The automatic financial advisor shows you how to use your portfolio of funds and, being independent, gives the ideal solution for those investors who seek to have total control over their investments.

Fund technology is here to stay and more and more investors see it as the most efficient way to relate to your money.



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