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PharmaMar fills the bullish gap in mid-June: now or never


Despite the significant falls this Thursday, the truth is that if we look at the graph with perspective, from a distance, what we have is a wide lateral movement.

Technical analysis

This Wednesday we analyzed the titles of PharmaMar and we said that despite the significant drops in recent months to the title, nothing was wrong. And yes, it can be said that today's major falls neither do they deteriorate the long-term bullish chart. Another thing is the very short term. We are going to be attentive to the closing of the candle this Friday and especially to tomorrow's due to the closing of the weekly candle. The fact is that today's significant falls seem to want to find a bottom right in the important support zone that we have referred to so many times in the past: the bullish gap of the June 16 session at 76.20 euros. This gap has just been completely filled, but has not been closed. Or rather, we will not know until the close of the session. To cancel it, the price has to be placed below 76.20 euros in closings. And this is what makes the return-risk equation is optimal on the long or bullish side right at the current moment. If you have to jump into the pool, for 'trading', it must be now, in the middle of the support zone.

PharmaMar daily chart


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