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Boeing flies public after Ryanair restores confidence to 737 MAXs


Boeing 737 MAX planes are beginning to regain lost confidence. The last to bet on them has been Ryanair. The Irish airline has announced the purchase of 75 new planes worth 7,000 million dollars. The news of the order will begin to be delivered in the summer of 2021, they are being very celebrated on the market and Boeing shares have advanced 6.03% this Thursday.

The Ryanair purchase comes after the FAA has certified that the 737 MAXs are ready to fly again after the reliability issues that have plagued them in the past.

Ryanair, which (prior to the Covid-19 crisis) was on track to transport more than 150 million passengers last year, will use these new aircraft to expand its low cost fare services in new EU countries and markets.

"Boeing remains focused on safely returning the entire fleet of 737s to service and delivering the aircraft reservation to Ryanair and our other customers in the new year. We firmly believe in this plane and we will continue our work to regain the trust of all of our customers, ”said Dave Calhoun, president and CEO of Boeing.

The objective of the airline is to continue gaining ground in the 'low cost' field. "The Boeing MAX is a fabulous plane with more seats, more legroom, lower rates, lower fuel consumption and sets incredible environmental standards, including 40% less noise and less CO2 emissions, "specified the CEO of the Ryanair group, Michael O'Leary.

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