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The great success of the 1X2 Trader game, the stock market Quiniela


Still do not know the Quiniela of the bag? 1X2 Trader, which has become a success, has started a new journey with other 1,000 euros at stake. If you like the stock market, do not hesitate, make your predictions about the development of the actions and opt for the prize that is distributed each week.

The dynamic is simple: the winner is the one with the most hits. But how do you play? You just have to register for free and start betting on the assets you think that they will outperform their rival by more than 0.5% on the stock market the entire trading week (Monday to Friday).

Similar to La Quiniela, you have to mark 1-X-2, depending on the value that you think will go up more. For example, asset A and asset B face each other. If you think that B is going to rise more than 0.5% than A, you should score 2. But if you think that A is going to rise more than 0 , 5% than his rival, then you will have to check box 1.

And if the player thinks that neither of the two assets will be able to surpass his rival by that percentage, then the result would be marked as if it were a tie, that is, with an X, just like in the Quiniela game. Especially because, according to the rules, whether the increase is equal to 0.5% or if it does not reach that figure, it will be considered a tie.

1X2 Trader is a weekly game, so players must place their bet before Sunday at 11:59 p.m.. Once done, they will have the entire week (Monday to Sunday) to fill in their next bet.

What are you waiting for to participate and win 1,000 euros or the 50 free 1-month subscriptions to Trader Watch, Bolsamanía's investor advisory platform with more than 15 years of experience, for the top 50 classifieds that are distributed each week?

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