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Gains in Asian stock markets after good data from manufacturing in China


1% profit on asian bags to start the month of December after a good data from manufacturing activity in China. The index Manufacturing PMI / Caixin has risen to 54.9 from 53.6 and has been 10-year highs and above the forecast that the consensus managed (53.5).

This Monday, the index Official Manufacturing PMI, prepared by the Chinese Government, advanced to 52.1 and reached a three-year high. In addition, the PMI services rose to 56.4, so the Chinese economy continues to lead the global economic recovery in the current environment marked by Covid-19.

Wall street closed with fallsDow Jones -0.89%; S&P 500 -0.45%; Nasdaq -0.06%), although the Dow Jones concluded his best month since 1987. The indices took a step back after Reuters reported that the Trump Administration, before handing over its power to Joe biden, is considering including on its 'blacklist' SMIC, a Chinese leader in chip manufacturing.

In Australia, the Federal Reserve Australian has maintained the interest rates at an all-time low of 0.1%, in line with expectations. The RBA it will not increase rates "until real inflation is sustainably within the target range of 2% to 3%," its governor said. Philip Lowe, it's a statement.

The RBA "will keep the size of the bond purchase program under review, particularly in light of evolving employment and inflation prospects. And is ready to do more if necessary", has added the monetary agency.

In other markets, the Brent oil drops 0.8% to $ 47.50, while the euro it appreciates 0.24% and changes to $ 1.1957. For its part, ounce of gold up 0.4% to $ 1,788.

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