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Arizona certifies the victory of Biden, who is getting closer to the White House



The state of Arizona certified Joe Biden's victory on Monday. The Democrat is getting closer to the White House. It was the Arizona Secretary of State, the Democrat Katie Hobbs, who announced the certification of Biden's victory.

This victory is known the day that the democrat has announced the first members that will be part of his cabinet. Your new communication team, for the first time in history, It will be made up entirely of a group of seven women "diverse" and "experienced", with which he hopes, he said, "to build an administration that resembles" the country.

Furthermore, he has confirmed what was an open secret and will appoint Janet Yellen to be named as the first woman to lead the Treasury. Yellen has ensured through her account (it was opened after Biben's intentions were known) that she will work every day to face the great challenges of the country.

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