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The Spanish hospitality industry drowns and asks Europe for a lifeline of 8,500 million



The hospitality industry is drowning. Few are the resources that they have left to endure a few more months, before the advent of a possible vaccine. And is that 36.5% have stopped going to bars and restaurantsAccording to a study by the Research Group on Electoral Processes and Public Opinion (GIPEyOP) of the University of Valencia, a fact that terrifies businesses, especially small establishments. That is why they demand more aid. Specific, 8.5 billion euros according to the Hospitality Industry of Spain, because those received so far are "insufficient"

Subsidies have been consolidated in the main European countries where tourism, with 7% of GDP, is one of the engines of economies such as Germany, France or Italy. In our country, where catering represents 6.2% of GDP and employs 1.7 million people, a concrete support plan has not yet been established.

During the Council of Ministers held this Tuesday, an agreement was not reached to send aid to the hospitality sector, a fact that led to the announcement by the employers of the creation of a way of direct dialogue with the European Union, with the aim of obtaining support for restoration as an accrual of the emergency funds provided for Spain.


The employers reminded both the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, their public commitments to help bars and restaurants of Spain during the period of restrictions, which would severely affect this sector.

Therefore, it qualifies as Government inaction "inadmissible" to find a solution to a problem that, day after day, is getting worse. Hoteliers in Spain consider that "slowing down this process" could lead to the closure of more than a third of all bars and restaurants in our country (around 100,000), in addition to the destruction of between 900,000 and 1.1 million jobs for the worst possible scenario.


From the sector, they claim the same attitude shown by countries such as Germany or Italy, and regret that Spain continues "losing in the comparison". Along the same lines, they criticize the delay in decision-making for the hospitality industry, while in other European states they already adopted measures in late October and early November.

More specifically, from the tourist organization Competur they estimate the aid issued by Germany and the Netherlands at 10,000 and 15,000 million euros respectively, and 6,000 million by France. The Luxembourg government, for example, approved the sending of aid to bars and restaurants ranging from 20,000 for micro-enterprises to 200,000 for large companies, even without having decreed the total closure of establishments in the sector.


Beyond the fact that some autonomous communities have used their own funds to help hospitality businesses in the corresponding regions, the employer directly asks the Government to allocate aid worth 8,500 million euros. They consider it to be “fundamental”For the sector at such a difficult time.

The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, positively valued this Thursday that his community is "at the forefront in aid to the hospitality industry", with 80 million euros, which the regional government will allocate to the sector. In the case of Aragon, it is among those that have allocated the least aid at the territorial level. From Horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafes), they consider that the Aragonese plan is "totally insufficient" to solve the current situation.


The Spanish Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Machinery for Hospitality, Communities and Related Industries (Felac) has joined the demand of the hotel and catering employers and asks in a statement that they lend a hand to the hospitality equipment industry, which numbers the drop in turnover by 40% for this 2020.

This sector had been adding seven consecutive years of growth, after invoicing 1,895.54 million euros last year. Regarding the results of 2019, Rafael Olmos, president of Felac, values ​​that it has continued on the "path of growth along which it has been advancing in recent years".

However, he says this year will be completely different. Consider that the impact of Covid-19 in this sector can be even more devastating. "For manufacturers who direct their products only to the hospitality industry, the incidence could be even higher".

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