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Stratus, the new expansive social media platform, seeks to raise the bar for leading social media services. The first invention of a social network seeks to circumvent the shortcomings of current social media platforms.

The social network was created and developed by Apollo Fintech, a technology company famous for creating and developing the Apollo blockchain. The Stratus team, led by CEO Steve McCullah, plans to combine the capabilities of the various existing social media platforms while ensuring that users are responsible for their personal data, which means that the platform cannot store or sell this data for advertising purposes.

Unnecessary content censorship, data theft, data breaches, and cyberbullying of anonymous accounts are among the many lapses in the existing social media world. Facebook and Instagram are well known platforms that have been notorious for such cases.

Stratus seeks to create an all-in-one system that integrates all popular social media platforms into a single network while offering users a censorship-free environment where they can freely share their opinions. The dominant functions on the main social platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Tik-Tok or Facebook will be conveniently available in a single panel on Stratus.

Existing social platforms are extremely flawed

This year, a Saudi-based hacking group called OurMine made statements about how they could hack Facebook. However, they recognized that the security of the platform is superior to Twitter.

In addition, statements about the theft of consumer data are published regularly. This data is said to be exposed / sold to advertising companies which, in turn, are susceptible to incidents of hacking. Stratus aims to reintroduce trust into the social media space by utilizing end-to-end military-grade encryption built into the Apollo blockchain to safeguard user data against such security breaches.

Stratus users will benefit more than the platform

The main purpose of the platform is to allow social media services to conduct their activities and exchange cryptocurrencies in a single system. Social media enthusiasts around the world will now be able to freely broadcast their views, socialize, monetize content, and make crypto exchanges in one account.

Privacy is an imperative factor when it comes to communication. The platform unlocks total discretion for the chats and messages of each client. Stratus offers users the possibility to voluntarily sell their data and take advantage of the benefits of the transaction exclusively.

Furthermore, influencers will also benefit as the platform is more concerned about its users than benefiting from users. Stratus has shelved numerous programs that monetize influencer profiles with higher commissions than other highly regarded social networks.


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