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Values ​​that have pierced support or resistance this Thursday



The first target up is 8,375 points

Technical analysis

PharmaMar ends Thursday with gains of 3.82% which allows it to exceed the highs of the last five sessions. After a 40% crash in the last month and a half, it seems highly probable that we could end up seeing the beginning of a rebound.

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Strong gains of 4.65% in Ebro Foods that manages to overcome the short-term resistance located at 18.90 euros. Attentive that it is approaching the resistance of 19.92 euros. If you manage to exceed these levels, we do not rule out ending up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 20.65 euros.

The Sabadell Bank it falls 5.41% at closing and pierces the support of 0.4051 euros. Be very careful that after a profit of 80% in less than a month you could take a break and could end up covering the bullish gap that was left at 0.3363 euros.



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