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Netflix pressures large technology companies to start paying taxes in Spain



Netflix will begin to pay taxes in Spain on everything it generates in the country from January 1. The streaming channel justifies this decision as a change in the evolution of the company's activity in Spain and its "commitment" to the country. But the truth is that it occurs at a very specific time.

Spain in particular and the European Union in particular have for months been focused on large technology companies, most of which are listed outside the countries in which they operate. In Spain, on January 16, the 'Google rate' will come into force, the objective of which is for large multinationals to pay taxes in the countries. This measure It will be effective only 16 days after Netflix's decision becomes effective.

This Wednesday it has also been known that France will charge the 'Google rate' as of December. "Companies subject to this rate have received a notice of liquidation for payments on account for 2020," explains the department headed Le Maire. Of course, the final balance must be paid at the end of 2021, a ministerial source has qualified the press, which is echoed by the Efe agency.

Netflix's decision puts in a very delicate situation for the rest of large technology companies, which are still in the spotlight. And is not for less. These companies pay, on average, 9.5% taxes. This is an insignificant figure if one takes into account that in traditional businesses the figure rises to 23.2%.



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