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Three priority groups and three phases: this is the government's vaccination plan for Covid


The vaccination plan against Covid of the Government will orbit around three priority groups (of the 18 in total established by the Executive) and three phases. According to laSexta, which claims to have had access to the 18 pages approved in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, the priority objective is clear: to reduce mortality.

The first group that will have priority to access the vaccine is the one formed by elderly people in residences and those with disabilities who are in social health centers.

The second group that establishes this vaccination plan is made up of all those health personnel who work in the first line of defense against the virus. Finally, the third is made up of dependents.

The three phases of the plan include a first, in which these groups are vaccinated with priority, a second in which doses are administered to more citizens, and a third in which more doses of the vaccine are expected to be received. The first of these phases will go from January to March, "and the doses will increase", has promised the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

Illa has also announced that the vaccine will be voluntary, free and will be provided by the health system. "We estimate that in Spain we will receive 140,000 million doses (of which 20 will be purchased from Pfizer) for 80 million citizens, we will make an effort of solidarity ", added the minister.

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